Open Source Matters (OSM) manages the trademarks and copyrights on behalf of the Joomla! Project. As part of its mission, OSM provides information about these issues to the community and ensures that the Joomla! projects work done by the community is protected. That includes managing the use of the Joomla! trademarks and copyrighted materials. OSM also works to ensure that the license terms of the Joomla! software and other open source materials (such as documentation) are enforced.

Software License

Joomla! is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.


The Joomla! name and logos are registered trademarks in the United States and elsewhere held by Open Source Matters. Permission, from OSM, to use these trademarks is usually required and is only granted subject to specific rules. There are a few specific circumstances, though, when the use of a Joomla! trademark (name or logo) does not require permission. Information on when approval is and is not needed when using a Joomla! trademark are described within the links below.