Migration and delays

As a user of this website tm.joomla.org, you may have submitted a Trademark use request, eg for a domain name of logos on your website.
To improve efficiency we are migrating our process to a new system. This could mean that your original ticket may not have migrated properly.

If you are awaiting an answer on your application, please use the contact form https://tm.joomla.org/contact.html

Helpful resources

The Brand Manual - https://tm.joomla.org/brand-manual-and-limited-use-logos.html
The disclaimers required on a joomlaname site - https://tm.joomla.org/disclaimers.html
Logo use - https://tm.joomla.org/conditional-use-logos.html
More about the Trademark and FAQ - https://tm.joomla.org/trademark-license.html
Domains with Joomla in the name:- https://tm.joomla.org/registration-of-domain-names.html
If you wish to report a suspected violation use this link. http://bit.ly/JTMcontact
Thank you for your time.