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What does Joomla! mean?

The name Joomla is a phonetic spelling for the Swahili word "Jumla," which means "all together" or "as a whole". This name was chosen by the founding team, It even went through an arduous review session by branding and marketing professionals who also felt that Joomla was the best choice. The Joomla! name is also a trademark. Policies for use of the Joomla! name can be found here.

The Joomla! Logo

The Joomla! logo consists of the logotype and the mark. The mark represents what Joomla is about...a community coming together as one. The mark is made up of four "J's" rotated and linked together that represent the community coming together as one. The images combining the logo and the Joomla! name have been developed to promote high visibility of the mark balanced with clear legibility of the name. The relationship (size, positioning, etc.) of these elements should never be altered in any way.