November Update

Recently you may have noticed a few changes regarding the way the trademark license system operates.

  • We are informing every one to remember the requirements to be granted a limited license for two years. Which enables you to use the Joomla! name in their domain names, the logos, trademark and brandmark.
  • Recently we changed our ticket system to rstickets. If you are still outstanding an answer from your ticket, please contact us again as it may have got lost in migration.
  • We have reviewed our documentation and FAQ which can be found as follows.

The Brand Manual -
The disclaimers required on a joomlaname site - logo use -
Domain name use (joomla in your url)
More about the Trademark and FAQ -

We display our current license holders at , and if you are not on that list then you do not currently hold permission to use the joomla! name in your url/domain name, limited use logos, or other use that may be in contravention of the trademark.

If you have any questions on the points above, then please contact us via the ticket system . If you do not hold a current limited use license then joomla may not be able to list you on its websites.